New Year’s resolutions for farmers

New Year’s resolutions for farmers

Farmers are a tight knit group and can rely on one another for support. Becoming an active member of the farming community whether it’s becoming a vendor at a farmers market or making a presentation on behalf of farmers can bring the community together and show that it’s stronger than ever.

Technology is becoming an integral part of the agricultural landscape. With hundreds of apps, the growing popularity of drones and other innovations that have yet to be introduced, embracing the new technologies can be a way to stay ahead of the curve and ensure you have all the tools necessary for a successful farm operation.

New Year’s means new beginnings, opinions and outlooks. Use the start of 2019 to evaluate the future of the farm. How long do you want to keep running the farm? How involved do any children want to be? Does a succession plan need to be designed? Taking time to answer these questions can help you prepare for the immediate and distant future.

Being in the fields can be very time consuming, physically and mentally draining. Nobody will argue that the work needs to be done, but it’s important to give your body and mind time to relax and recover. Take the beginning of 2019 to possibly create a schedule as to when you’ll take some time for yourself and your family.

Farm shows can also be a great way to network, take in roundtable discussions and see the latest innovations in agricultural technology, such as the 2019 Precision Agriculture Conference.

Consumers are more conscious about where their food comes from and have many questions about it. Taking the time to engage with the public through social media or other avenues can open the lines of communication and help consumers understand their food is being produced safely and with the health of the environment in mind.

Almost as important as the crops, machinery and livestock, is the safety of the people who work to have a successful operations. Use the new year to take an inventory of the safety measures on your farm and decide if any more steps need to be taken. An extra light on a barn or a small section of fence can go a long way in keeping everyone and every animal of the farm safe.

Whether it’s planting a different seed variety, using another form of technology or planting a completely different crop, use the beginning of a new year to research experimenting on the farm. Some things may work and some things may not. But you won’t know for sure unless you try.

Make 2019 the year to use social media platforms and other means to become an agvocate and tell the real stories behind agriculture. Other ways to become an agvocate can include joining a 4-H group and speaking to consumers about agriculture.

Social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others can be a great way to interact with other farmers or keep track of latest market trends and breaking news. They can be accessed from a mobile device and are able to connect with people around the world.


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