Online Bidding Etiquette

Online Bidding Etiquette

As some states are slowly opening up, social distancing still needs to be practiced. If you are in the market for heavy equipment, you might be searching for equipment auctions near me. One easy way to maintain social distance is by shopping online auctions. 

Why buy heavy equipment online?

The answer is simple, there is a broad range of brands and equipment for a lower price! There are even multiple bidding options available to make it an easy process for you. The options include; live bidding, online pre-bidding, proxy bidding and bidding from an app. 

Reputable auctions will also provide financing and leasing options. Some companies also have a full-service package which means that they will assist you with any transportation, logistics, warranties and more!  They will also ensure that the equipment they are selling has a clear title. 

Online bidding etiquette 

From your research, equipment auctions near me, you have found the perfect online auction and you are ready to bid. If this is your first online auction, you don’t want to just wing it! There is proper etiquette before, during and after the auction. 

Before you begin to bid, you want to ask the seller any questions you have about the equipment. Don’t bid first and then ask because some answers might cause you to take your bid back! Some auctions will not let bidders take their bids back! Once you make the offer, you are locked in! 

Another tip before you bid is to make sure to read the Terms Of Sale (TOS). Some sellers might not accept certain payment methods or only ship domestically. If there are no terms listed, send the seller an email to find out their terms and conditions. 

During an auction, try not to bid at the very last second. If you do this, some sellers will extend the bid time to make sure that all bidders have a fair chance. So, if you bid your max bid at the very last second this auction might not go in your favor. Also, make a note that bidding wars only create more attention to the equipment you want. 

Say you win the auction, be sure to pay the seller in a timely manner! After the sale, you should let the seller know that you have received the item so they know their equipment made it to the proper destination. Remember to always leave positive feedback! 

Be respectful during online auctions 

During online auctions, it can sometimes be easy to get carried away, especially if you are browsing a large range of equipment. Here are three tips on how to be respectful during an auction from behind the screen. 

  1. It is always good to ask the seller about maintenance and how the machine works but don’t make it an interrogation. Be curious, not rude. 

  2. Don’t bid on a piece of equipment that you don’t want. Stick to what you want, it will make the process easier and keep you on budget. 

  3.  Know your maximum bid, don’t place a bid and then retract it because it was over the amount you set to spend. 

Now that you have found the equipment auctions near me it’s time to start bidding! Lyon Auction strives to make this process headache-free for both buyers and sellers. We are also practicing social distancing and making sure all of their equipment is clean and disinfected. Get your equipment and contact us today! 


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