Prep your wheel loader for winter

Prep your wheel loader for winter

Wheel loaders are one of the most popular pieces of heavy equipment for winter. They can move feet of snow in large areas like on roads and in parking lots, and they have big windows and bright headlights to help the operator see everything they need to, day or night. Because they’re so great for cold weather, you want to make sure your wheel loader can keep up all season.

Just as you have to get bundled up to work out in the cold, your wheel loader needs to be prepared to operate in the snowy months. If you have a wheel loader, or if you’re searching for a used machine at equipment auctions, use these five tips to ensure it’s winter ready!

Read over the user’s manual

Your owner’s manual contains the information you need to service it seasonally, and it tells you which products are recommended. It should also contain winter-specific information in checklist form, so you can be sure to cross every part of the maintenance off your list and have peace of mind when putting it to work this winter.

Check the fluid levels and filters

You can also refer to the manual for what fluid to use in the winter. Know that it will run at its best with winter-specific fluids and fresh filters. You can avoid servicing the machine this winter by switching over the fluids when it begins to get cold. No. 1 and No. 2 diesel are typically good choices. Keep it full while working, and top it off at the end of the day to prevent cold air from getting in, creating condensation and freezing.

Inspect the batteries and tires

The cold is hard on tires and batteries. Inspect the battery and make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. If you see any signs of corrosion, it’s best to replace it. A new battery is cheaper than a larger amount of maintenance down the road. Always make sure the battery is charged before use and consider using a battery blanket while the machine is in storage.

Keep your tires at the recommended PSI level to ensure your machine runs efficiently. It’s also never a bad idea to get new windshield wipers in the winter to ensure they’ll do the job.

Store it indoors, somewhere warm

If you’re able to store your wheel loader in a heated facility, do it. If you don’t have a heated space or any indoor space, you might want to use a block heater to prevent the machine from getting too cold while sitting outside. Do what you can to make the winter months easier on your machine, so that it can start properly and prevent wear on the engine.

Prepare any attachments

From buckets to V blades, snow pushers and snow blowers, wheel loaders have the option for a lot of attachments. When it comes to snow removal, these attachments are a must. Treat your attachments with the same care as your wheel loader. Check the hoses, cylinders, guards and edges for any damages before use and make sure they’re always secured correctly.

Get your wheel loader from our equipment auctions

We have an abundance of upcoming auctions this winter and many of our equipment auctions will feature wheel loaders and other snow removal equipment and attachments. If you have any questions or concerns about operating your wheel loader this winter, or if you’re interested in one of our auctions, contact us today!


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