Prevent construction site theft

Prevent construction site theft

From building materials to tools to heavy equipment, construction site theft is an industry-wide epidemic. In addition to the direct costs of replacing the stolen goods, there is also the cost due to increased insurance premiums, rental costs to replace stolen equipment and lost productivity. Delays in production can also result in hefty fines if deadlines are not met. The key is to prevent making it as hard as possible for would-be thieves to quickly make off with your tools, equipment and materials.

Enforce your theft prevention policy. Establish a theft prevention policy and ensure all employees and subcontractors are made aware of the rules and the consequences of stealing. This should include borrowing tools for the use of side jobs, or after hours and removing scrap material for personal use or sale. Create a zero tolerance policy for offenders and inform employees and subcontractors that if caught, you will seek prosecution.

Secure your site. A well-lit fenced in construction site with posted signage is less likely to be targeted. Secure your construction site by locking up tools and building materials in storage boxes and cargo trailers with heavy gauge tamper resistant locks and chains. Always maintain an inventory log of all materials, tools, equipment and keys to ensure that everything is accounted for everyday.

Secure your equipment too! Showing up at your construction site to find a front end loader missing can greatly affect your company's bottom line. Securing your heavy equipment can be as simple and low tech as removing batteries or wheels, lowering blades, buckets, and locks designed to immobilize controls or to keep the wheels from moving in a straight line. GPS tracking devices can help prevent theft too.

Keep a detailed record of all your equipment and machines. Equipment manufacturers adopt a standard 17 digit product identification number system beginning with their 2000 models. Have that number engraved or welded on two seperate locations of the equipment. Keep records of make, model, and serial number or PIN along with photos of each piece of equipment from multiple angles.

It’s important to register all of your equipment as well. Many companies will allow you to register your heavy equipment to help law enforcement in recovering and returning your equipment if you are a victim of theft.

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