Prevent Job Site Theft

Prevent Job Site Theft


After a long day at work, you store your tools away and head home.  And most of the time, you don’t give it a second thought. But have you ever thought of this, what if they vanished by the time you returned to the office the next morning? You invested a lot of money in your equipment and tools. It’s crucial to keep them secured. For the independent contractor, a tool being stolen can create an expensive problem   

Keeping these few simple ideas in mind, may make the difference between starting the next construction phase or halting the project’s timeline.

Know your inventory:

The basic rule of securing your items begins with knowing what you own.  Develop an inventory system, particularly for expensive items - you decide which price ranges meets this criteria.  Record all serial numbers and take photos. This might consume some time, but once you are done, it demands just a little bit of maintenance to keep everything updated and will help you save your time if you ever discover something missing.  There are several apps and websites in place for just this purpose. Do a quick online search, you will find the perfect system for your needs.

Label your tools:

Engrave either the company’s name or yours on every item when possible.  You can easily get the watermark done with the help of a Dremel tool. Few items do not allow for engravement, so explore other identifiers to help you recognize your tools and equipment.  Now, you might think this will not deter a thief. Just remember, if your item is found then you will be able to lodge a complaint claiming copyrights.

The other way to hinder thieves is to add a unique mark to make the product appear worn out.  An excellent deterrent? Paint. You decide on the colors, maybe your company’s. The best part is this will not affect functionality, but instead make it less appealing to would-be thief.

Safeguard your tools:

By the end of the day, consider taking what can along with you from the job site and everything that is needed during your cleaning process.  When it’s possible, carry expensive tools overnight. Always mind the safety, keep tools locked up securely in any locker, especially if it’s staying on the site.  Use chains and locks to secure any heavier equipment. For big machines or expensive tools, invest in a mini GPS tracker, which is helpful for locating your items if they’re ever stolen or when you’re off the job site.


There are few things you should always keep in mind while hiring a trustworthy employee.  It’s important to discuss rules and guidelines for equipment security. Keep a constant check on whether everyone is following it or not.  Be sure everyone is trained on security patterns for locking and securing tools. It would be brilliant to use a tool log for certain equipment, where employees are asked to sign off before using.  This way, you will know who is using what and where is it going while being able to guesstimate when theft might have occured.

If you are following these  actions to prevent stealing, then this information will also help the police in their investigation.  If you ever encounter any theft, just report it to the police regardless of size. Provide them with all the important details about the stolen items.


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