UPDATED: Protect your farm from disasters

UPDATED: Protect your farm from disasters

If the agriculture industry has learned anything from this current pandemic it is to expect the unexpected. It is important to be prepared with a plan and emergency equipment. If you need emergency equipment the best place to look is any farm equipment auctions

Have an emergency plan in writing

Most state departments of agriculture or organizations offer templates that producers can use to write their own emergency plans. You should have a plan in writing so when the time comes, you know what to do. Make sure your emergency action plan covers natural disasters, staff changes, virus or disease outbreaks and market changes. Remember to include all the details of what will happen in case of an emergency. 

Storing heavy equipment 

If you just bought from a farm equipment auctions and an emergency hits, be sure to store your equipment properly. The first thing to know is that you should empty your tank from any remaining gas or oil. In an emergency, you might not have time to clean off your machines but cleaning regularly can help to avoid the dirt and debris from building up. Be sure to have a place that is clean and dry to store your equipment! If you do not have an indoor space be sure to find a high-quality protective tarp to cover it. 

Take inventory

Take detailed notes and photos of your farm and your farming equipment for insurance purposes. In the case of a hurricane, tornado or other weather that creates widespread damage, your farm is probably not the only one to receive damage. This is important for insurance purposes. It’s also important to report your losses to your insurance agent as soon as possible

Hurricanes and tornadoes pack quite a punch when they blow through. They can cause flooding, broken trees and power lines. If the grounds are still wet and the winds are strong, it means trees are more susceptible to toppling. If your power lines fell, it is best to be extra cautious to avoid electrocution. Do not go near any standing water which could have broken down electrical lines inside of it. Remember to contact your electricity provider right away! 

After the storm passes and it is safe to venture outside, activate your emergency plan. Be sure you protect yourself and your family first as you assess the storm damage. Always wear strong  work boots and work gloves as you handle debris scattered around your farm.

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