Protect your farm from disasters

Protect your farm from disasters

No one ever wants a disaster to hit their farm, but being prepared is the key to being able to overcome adversity should disaster strike. Right now hurricanes are hitting the coast, wet weather is plaguing the midwest and colder fall temperatures are about to set it. Weather is everything, especially during harvest season.

Have an emergency plan in writing

Most state departments of agriculture or ag organizations offer templates that producers can use to write their own emergency plans. Know who to contact in the event of an emergency and finding proper contacts during a crisis can prove difficult. Some states also have forms for you to organize all of the pertinent telephone numbers of emergency services in case 911 is not working; as well as businesses that need to be contacted in the event of a disaster.

In addition to knowing who to contact, it’s important that emergency personnel is able to find you during an emergency. Make sure there are directions available for emergency crews to find your farm by using the nearest major road or highway. Include landmarks or other defining features that may be visible from the air if assistance is needed from above.

Have emergency equipment on hand

If you’re a farmer with livestock, it’s so important to have a backup generator on hand and ready to go should electricity be lost. There usually isn’t a way to tell how long a power outage might last. Farmers should always have a good supply of fuel on hand for the generator.  It’s also important to have bulk feed bins full and easily accessible for livestock to use.

Take inventory

Take detailed notes and photos of your farm and your farming equipment for insurance purposes. In the case of a hurricane or other weather that creates widespread damage, your farm is probably not the only one to receive damage. It’s also important to report your losses to your insurance agent as soon as possible.

Hurricanes and tornadoes pack quite a punch when they blow through. They bring on flooding, downed trees and power lines. When the ground is wet and winds are still high, there is always a possibility for trees to topple over. When power lines fall, always use extreme caution so you don’t get electrocuted. Contact your electricity provider immediately.

Once the storm passes and it is safe to venture outside, activate your emergency plan. Be sure you protect yourself and your family first as you asses storm damage. Always wear strong soled shoes or boots and work gloves as you handle debris scattered around your farm.

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