Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Forklift

Questions To Ask When Purchasing A Forklift

When companies and contractors purchase heavy equipment, they should do so wisely. Since this investment can be pretty expensive, it’s a good idea to ask lots of questions so you are 100 percent sure that you are making the right choice. 

At Lyon Auction, we offer a variety of used heavy equipment at all of our equipment auctions. Among the heavy equipment that we often auction off are forklifts. Forklifts are very useful in the construction industry. In this post, we go over some questions to ask yourself before making a final purchase on your next forklift to ensure you are getting the right equipment for your company!

How will you be using your forklift?

One of the first and most important things you should consider when purchasing a forklift is how you will be using it. What type of upcoming jobs do you have scheduled? Will anything change in the future? Will you be operating primarily indoors or outdoors? Considering what type of jobs you will be using your forklift for will help you better gauge what size and capabilities you need!

How much are you willing to spend?

When purchasing a new forklift, especially at an equipment auction, it’s essential that you come in with a budget in mind. Ask yourself, how much are you willing to pay? Are you willing to pay more for more features, such as air conditioning or extra lighting? Or are you trying to keep the costs down with a standard model? It’s also important to consider the maintenance costs that will come with the machine that you purchase. 

What additional features are available?

Something you should ask the vendor in which you are purchasing your forklift from is if there are any other features or attachments that are available. Forklifts are very versatile, and can be used with a number of attachments. If you are at a heavy equipment auction, chances are they will have some forklift attachments as well!

What’s the forklift's history?

If you are buying used from an equipment auction, be sure to ask the auction company about the history of the forklift. The auction company in which you are buying from should be able to provide you with all maintenance and repair information, as well as explain how the forklift had previously been used. 

What are the abilities of the forklift?

Lastly, be sure to ask your vendor specific questions about the forklift itself. How high and wide is the machine? What is the maximum lifting weight and load capacity? Too often, companies purchase a forklift just to realize that it can’t handle their workload. This information is very useful in making sure you are choosing a machine that is right for your company. 

Purchasing a forklift can be an expensive investment. Ask yourself and your dealer these questions to ensure you are choosing the right machine for your company!

At Lyon Auction, we provide a variety of used heavy equipment at an affordable price. From backhoe loaders to excavators of every kind, you will be sure to find what you are looking for! For more information about our company, or to learn about our upcoming auctions, please visit our website today!


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