Reducing injuries at the worksite

Reducing injuries at the worksite

When operating large construction equipment on the job site, safety should always be a top importance. There are many accidents and injuries that happen while operating equipment that can be avoided! It’s up to job site supervisors and managers to keep their employees safe while on the job. 

At Lyon Auction, we offer large construction equipment auctions all over the country. Here are some tips all construction companies should keep in mind to reduce the risk of injuries on the job site!

 Pay attention to the weather conditions

While the weather is always unpredictable, weather apps and news may help you gauge what to expect. One of the best ways to stay on top of the weather is by creating a plan and always staying prepared. Ensure your weather safety plan is timely and can be switched as quickly as the weather changes to avoid putting a halt on your business. 

During the rainy season, be sure to have extra signs letting your employees know that the area is wet and slippery. Slippery conditions are a leading cause of workplace accidents, and rain will cause any site to become more dangerous. Be sure your employees are trained to work through all conditions safely!

During the summer months, temperatures can get pretty high. One summer hack is to wear the right amount of clothes. Wear light colors like white so you absorb as little heat as possible. Looser fitting clothes are a good idea as well to let air flow among your body. Be careful not to choose clothing that is too loose as it may be a danger to you when using your heavy equipment. 

And with the summer heat comes the risk of sunburns. Be sure you are wearing sunscreen every day during all the seasons! UV lights can be damaging to your skin and you are exposed to them while driving or even taking a quick walk outside.

Train your employees

Many employees are not aware of the potential hazards that exist on a construction site. Train them on the safety precautions they need to take to avoid tripping and slipping. For instance, they should wear properly fitting shoes and avoid jumping on and off machines. Also, they should always wear protective gear on site. 

If you have the equipment for specific seasons, you can train your workers to use them instead of outsourcing for services each season. The best place to get equipment is at equipment auctions

Equipment auctions are a great place to look for top brand equipment at a cheaper price! If you don’t have time to physically be at an auction, there are online auctions that will meet your needs. 

Remove obstacles

Life-threatening injuries can occur from trips caused by obstacles, materials and large equipment in stairways and corridors. To avoid hazards on the job site, it’s smart to keep all of your tools and machinery out of the way of where you are working. If your work produces a lot of waste as a byproduct, it’s also necessary that you are keeping the area clean!

If there is an area that cannot be cleaned up right away it is imperative that you have warning signs for your employees. Be sure to have a sign that is clear and visible. Another tip is to use reflective tape to make sure you get your employee’s attention. 

Injuries and accidents on the job site happen, but a lot of the time they can be avoided! When operating large construction equipment and working outside this summer, use these tips to keep yourself and your employees safe! 

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