Save Money On Equipment Maintenance Costs With These Tips

Save Money On Equipment Maintenance Costs With These Tips

Maintaining your heavy equipment can be a daunting task. From the initial purchase of the equipment, to fuel costs, repairs and maintenance, construction companies are having to pay more than ever to keep their large construction equipment running smoothly and performing as it should. 

At Lyon Auction, we provide construction companies with quality used equipment at an affordable price. We offer large equipment auctions all across the country and in Mexico. We understand the expensive costs that come with owning heavy equipment. So, our team has put together some tips on how construction companies can save money on equipment maintenance costs! 

Practice good preventative maintenance

One of the best ways to save your company money on equipment maintenance is by practicing preventive maintenance regularly. By creating and sticking with a maintenance schedule, you will ensure that your equipment is properly taken care of as well as reduce the risk of any breakdowns and potential repairs. Other than money, practicing good preventative maintenance on all of your equipment will also save you time, especially when breakdowns occur unexpectedly. 

Simplify your maintenance

With how much technology has innovated in recent years, there are now many ways in which companies can perform maintenance on their equipment much more efficiently. When planning out maintenance, look for unnecessary tasks that could potentially be replaced with newer practices or parts. This could help save you both money and time, which are both valuable in the construction industry!

Review training practices

Another way your company can save on maintenance costs is by reviewing and putting an emphasis on quality training. When you purchase new equipment, attachments and parts, be sure that your operators understand how to properly use it! This will also help keep your equipment and employees safe. When reviewing your training practices, don’t cut corners. Always put safety first and make sure your operators know exactly how to use the equipment!

While training, be sure to emphasize the importance of using equipment for the correct jobs. Oftentimes, damage and breakdowns occur when equipment is used for jobs they can’t handle. It’s important that your company is educating your employees on which equipment can be used for specific tasks. 

Proper storage

Lastly, one of the best ways to take care of your equipment and minimize the risk of breakdowns is by properly storing it when not in use. Whether this is onsite or off, proper storage helps prolong the lifespan of equipment, saving you money on potential repairs. To learn about the best equipment storage practices, click here!

A company’s main goal should be to operate efficiently while also reducing expenses. By using these tips, construction companies can do just that, as well as prolong the life of their large construction equipment! 

At Lyon Auction, our large construction equipment auctions give construction companies and independent contractors the opportunity to purchase quality used equipment at an affordable price. To check out our upcoming auctions, or learn more about our company, visit our website today!


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