Selling/buying equipment during COVID-19

Selling/buying equipment during COVID-19

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that is sweeping the nation, and anyone in the construction industry and/or related industries is wondering, what is happening next? Do you have a large fleet that no longer serves a purpose for you anymore? Do you know where you should be putting your heavy machinery for sale? With everything happening right now, people are choosing to stay home and stock up on household cleaning supplies and items. 

Cleaning heavy equipment  

Regardless of what is going on in the world, you should always be cleaning your heavy equipment! Typically, this is done to prevent any breakdowns and a part of regular upkeep of the heavy machinery. However, during a pandemic, cleaning is part of a cautionary to keep all employees who inhabit the equipment safe. 

One thing you should always have handy is disinfectant wipes. It’s a good idea to wipe down all the areas that you have touched. For example, the wheel, keys, gear shift, buttons to operate the truck and the doors! Help flatten the curve and stop the spread of germs.  

Outside safety 

Different kinds of grease and dirt call for different cleaning methods, they are not all the same. 

The easiest grease to remove is grease that is fresh and not mixed in with dirt. When grease is mixed with dirt and other contaminants, it is more challenging to clean up. If you have been slacking and left grease on your equipment for a while then it’ll more than likely take you more time to clean off the old grease and dirt. This is why it is best to clean after each project. 

Some of the key areas to clean are any moving components, hydraulic lines, fuel tanks and the engine. Keeping these parts clean can help to prolong the life of your heavy equipment. 

Because you are in the dirt often, the exterior will get dirty pretty easily and cleaning it requires hot water pressure. You also want to use a degreaser or truck washing soap. 

It is important to clean the inside too, make sure to wipe down the wheel and anything that you touch when operating the heavy machine. 

Where to get heavy machinery for sale 

As mentioned earlier, most people are hoarding household items and not leaving their house. At Lyon Auction, we have online auctions that are accessible to wherever you are. The first thing you want to do is learn about auction policies. You have to register for an auction, once you are registered, be sure to set a maximum price to avoid any overspending. 

When using an online auction, be aware of dummy bidders, online scams and be on the lookout for scammers. Remember to always read the fine print! Scammers will typically have a domain name that is suspicious, wrong grammar on their website and has no location listed on the website. 

Bidding at an auction 

The first rule is to know when to step away, don’t feel pressured to continue bidding! Be smart and do not just jump at everything you see. 

Always make your presence known and be smart about where you are placing your bids. If you want to check out heavy machinery for sale online, you can put in a Proxibid. Once you have decided to get something online, understand the company’s policy and know how to get heavy machinery sent to where you need it to be. 

At Lyon Auction our promise is to make your process headache-free! We work with both buyers and sellers and all our equipment in one location, contact us today for more information.


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