Seven reason to buy heavy equipment at an auction

Seven reason to buy heavy equipment at an auction

If you’re only buying your heavy equipment from certain sources, you may be limiting your resources and spending more money than necessary. Anyone searching for heavy equipment should explore the option of heading out to heavy equipment auctions

Buying from a used equipment auction may be something to check out. If you choose this route, you can participate in-person or online on our website! Lyon Auction makes it convenient for everyone to participate in our heavy equipment auctions! 

Let’s check out seven reasons why this may benefit your business: 

1. Equipment from all the top brands

An auction has a plethora of machinery from the top names on the market. You can expect some of the following names: John Deere, Volvo, Kubota, Caterpillar and others! Unlike going to a specific dealer, auctions have multiple brands in one place. You can compare and weigh the pros and cons of many different makes and models, all in one spot. Which brings us to our next point, convenience. 

2. Conveniently located

There are heavy equipment auctions located all over the country. Some of these are located near shipping ports and airports, which is convenient for long-distance shipping. If there’s not one located near you or you can’t get there, try an online auction which can be done from anywhere in the world. 

3. Test on site or test with online options

You can find the equipment that will be auctioned off during the auction and ask to test it before hand! It’s important to understand what condition the machine is currently in, the work needed and how much you should pay for it. From afar, the machine might seem worth the highest bid, but that could all change once you get it home and underneath it! 

 You can bring along a mechanic, an expert or test it out yourself to see how it runs.

If you're doing this online, there are companies that will have professionals check out the equipment for you and provide an inspection report

4. Auction companies make maintenance records available

A reputable used equipment auction knows that clients want to see if the piece of equipment has been taken care of and serviced regularly. This is why all equipment that is being auctioned off must have maintenance records with it to prove all proper and regular maintenance has been handled. This also shows buyers the work the machine has needed throughout its lifespan. 

If for whatever reason the auction can’t provide the necessary paperwork, they will put the buyer in touch with the person selling the equipment to get the history of the machine.

5. Pricing is usually less strict

The first rule of an auction is to pay attention! This is because once the mallet hits, the sale is over! Because you’re not at a store with a strict price tag, you may be able to negotiate a better price with the seller. 

6. More bidding options

Life gets in the way sometimes, and on-site auctions know this. That’s why at most auctions there are many ways to place a bid, even if you're not present. Some ways include online bidding, proxy bidding, and bidding through an app on your phone.

7. Leasing and financing

Working with banks can be a headache. They want all of the details for the piece of equipment you haven’t even bought yet. Then, after you've spent time providing them with all the necessary information, they may not even offer you a financing option. 

At Lyon Auction, we have financing partners who will be able to help you through the process. 

At Lyon Auction, we’re committed to making your auction experience as simple and pain-free as possible. Contact us today to find out more. Don’t forget about our Hay Day BBQ! If you’re in Syracuse, New York area, come hangout with us!


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