Snow plowing and removal for beginners

Snow plowing and removal for beginners

Snow plowing and removal can be one of the more difficult tasks that come with the winter, especially if you’re not confident you know what to do. You might be new to snow plowing and not know where to start, or maybe you need a refresher on best practices. It’s best to try several approaches before choosing your preferred method. To help you out a bit, we’ve come up with some tips for beginners!

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Be prepared

Being prepared will help you know the do’s and don'ts of snow removal, as well as what the best techniques are to work most effectively. Be systematic; always plow with the methods you are sure of and in the safest and most efficient way. Also, know the specifics of the job; you need to know where your client wants snow removed and how to go about it.


  • Dress warm and bring extra clothes

  • Have a way to keep in contact with the rest of your crew whether it be your phone or a pager

  • Know the forecast and have a plan for unexpected snow storms

  • Keep a basic tool kit and extra shovels in your truck

  • Ask questions when in doubt

  • Make sure your lights work and fluid is at the correct levels

  • Be courteous of other people working around you or on the road

  • Pay attention to your paperwork so you get paid properly

  • Read the user’s manual for the snow plow

  • Make sure you have everything necessary on hand

  • Make sure the vehicle or snow plow is in good working condition


  • Pile snow in front of driveways, sidewalks, loading docks, shrubs, fire hydrants, steps, vehicles, garage entrances, dumpsters, fences, buildings or  signs

  • Push snow across a busy street

  • Leave snow clumps

  • Leave the plow in the UP position when the truck is parked

  • Push snow so far back that your truck gets stuck in a snowbank

Different types of plowing

The different types of plowing include V-plowing, angle-plowing, scoop-plowing and straight-plowing. There are many different models that work great for a variety of snow removal tasks. Depending on where you’re removing snow and what equipment you have, you can determine the best option.


Some snow plows have an option to retract the blades into a V shape, which is ideal when working with thick snow. This is the way to go if you are making your first pass or if you need to pass through a section of deep snow.


This is when you position your blades to the right or left side of the vehicle. This can help when you need to widen a narrow lane or to withdraw your vehicle safely.


Think of scoop-plowing as a reverse V shape. This can help you remove the snow with more precision and control. This position allows you to push the snow straight for a long distance rather than just pushing it to the side.


This position is best for back-dragging snow away from buildings, houses and other structures. The blades will be in a straight position, lifted off the ground as the vehicle is moving forward and then dropped low to scoop a portion of the snow to drag back and out of the way.

Final tips

Be sure that you can remove the snow both safely and effectively. If you are not 100% sure both can be done, reevaluate the plan until you are sure the job can be completed in a timely manner while still keeping everyone safe. Be sure to finish the job completely when dealing with wet snow. With deep snow, it’s best to go layer by layer. Don’t wait for the snow to stop before you get out there and plow. Finally, leave enough room for a second wave of snow while plowing.

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