If you are in a profession which demands a heavy machinery or manual labor, than you are risking your life every day. An accident while on the job can cause a lot of damage.

In the case of injuries while working, there can be a sudden financial burden on you and your family. Your family expects you to be home safe every evening. Can you imagine the shock they would feel if someone were to knock on the door, only to inform them that their loved one won’t be coming home? It’s for that very reason you’ll want to take care of yourself while on any job site.

  • If driving a car or a truck on site, alway wear your seat belt.
  • If you are using a heavy equipment, make sure you are well trained to use the machine. Some employees are also provided with a certificate proving they have completed the training.
  • Stay in constant communication with the people on-site. You cannot assume they will know about your actions. Also, you must be completely aware of the actions happening in your vicinity.
  • The clothes you wear should have bright and vibrant colors. Typically fluorescent orange is worn on construction sites because of its higher visibility.
  • Always wear protective gear. It can save you from any unexpected accidents, or mishaps. It may seem a bit uncomfortable and heavy to wear, but the discomfort will save you from unforseen problems. Typical protective gear includes high fall protection equipment, visibility vests, gloves, hard hats, and goggles.
  • If you are operating a machine, always operate it within its specified maximum load. Every machine has its own load-bearing capacity and crossing the limits can lead to malfunction of the machine. It can even lead to serious accidents including death.
  • If there are any holes in the ground due to underground work, make sure they are either covered or a barrier is placed around it. This must be done so employees and private citizens won’t fall into the hole.
  • Don’t allow private citizens to stand near the working site. Many sometimes enjoy watching construction work. But, when people gather, an experienced worker will know the level of risks of injuries increase.
  • Be careful while climbing or getting down from a heavy machinery; and don’t attempt to play with any machine while it’s being operated. You may be an experienced worker but mistakes can happen at any time.
  • Even after taking proper precautions, if you sustain a minor injury, don’t neglect it. The injury may be small now but it can lead to complications in the future.


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