Strategies for selling heavy equipment

Strategies for selling heavy equipment

If you’re looking to sell your used heavy equipment, you might be wondering where to begin. Luckily, there is a high demand for second-hand heavy equipment, as there is a low supply of new machines. You won’t have a problem finding a buyer, but as a seller, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you get the most out of your machinery.

Lyon Auction hosts several equipment auctions throughout the year, and we’re a leader in the industry for heavy equipment and machinery for sale. We know what customers are looking for, so we wanted to give you the best strategies for selling your heavy equipment.

Make sure your heavy machinery is ready to sell

First, you’ll want to confirm when you originally bought the equipment. Buyers will want to know how long you’ve had the equipment, how well it was taken care of, and when it was last used. It’s also important to have any maintenance or service records readily available for the buyer. 

Next, you’ll want to make sure the equipment is clean as it shows buyers you’ve taken care of it after each use. You can also refurbish any parts of the equipment if needed; investing a little bit more before selling will definitely pay off. You’re off to a great start if your machine has had good maintenance patterns.

Put the right amount of effort into advertising the equipment

Having cleaned your equipment is the first step as you want to show it in a good light for advertising purposes. You’ll want to be transparent about everything, including the utilization and any service. Provide buyers with photos and all the information about your machinery. If they can see that everything looks good, they will feel good about test driving and purchasing.

It’s also necessary to determine the value of your heavy equipment to ensure you and the buyer get a great deal. You’ll want to tailor your advertising efforts to the right buyer. Consider using an equipment selling company that is able to market your equipment to buyers all over the country, like Lyon Auction!

Refer to the equipment’s user manual

If you need any help with details about your heavy equipment for writing the ad or talking with a potential buyer, you can refer to the user manual. This is especially useful when explaining how it functions, and it will help you give accurate information, which is the main thing buyers care about. If you no longer have the physical user manual, you can often find it online through the manufacturer’s website.

Understand who your buyers are

Some buyers are going to be seriously interested in your equipment, and some are not. This is important to remember so that your time doesn’t end up wasted. Make sure you have a good flow of communication with them before you meet up with them for a potential sale. Getting to know your buyers is also beneficial when it comes to building good relationships for future sales. Maybe you’ll find someone who will be interested in purchasing another piece of equipment from you again if you choose to do so.

Sell your items at equipment auctions

Now is a great time to sell used equipment through an auction. What’s great about equipment auctions is that they can take place either in-person or online. You just might be able to sell your equipment from the comfort of your own home. The benefits of auctions include competitive bidding, no negotiations, great advertising of your product, as well as a quick turnaround. If you don’t have any experience with auctions and are interested in selling your equipment this way, Lyon Auction can help. Contact us today!


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