Syracuse, New York - The Salt City

Syracuse, New York - The Salt City

Alex Lyon & Son will be hosting a live auction in Syracuse, New York on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 9:30am! Among the items up for auction are Construction Equipment, all types of Truck Tractors, Straight Trucks, Pickups and Vans. Come visit us and find your next favorite piece of machinery. For more information about this auction, visit our website.

Syracuse is a city in New York State that has gone by a succession of names in the past, but was incorporated in 1825. The name Syracuse was chosen after an ancient town in Sicily that lies near salt springs, just as Syracuse does.

When Charles Dickens visited the city in 1869, he described it in a letter as "a most wonderful out-of-the-world place, which looks as if it had begun to be built yesterday, and were going to be imperfectly knocked together with a nail or two the day after tomorrow."

Currently, Syracuse has met the challenges of the twenty first century with a diversified market structure that sustains the city as it goes through the transition from manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy.

Syracuse is home to many different attractions and restaurants. Onondaga Lake Park has trails that line the lake, a marina, and the Salt Museum that has exhibits and information about the city’s famous salt industry.

The Great Law of Peace Center is also in Onondaga. This center has displays that show the relationship that Native Americans and Europeans had there in the past. Another nearby attraction is Wonder Works educational amusement park. The Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Burnet Park is a hot spot of Syracuse with hundreds of animals including lions, penguins, elephants and more.

A few restaurants that you need to visit while you’re in Syracuse for the option. A few of these include Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Joey's Classic Italian Dining, Pastabilities, Clam Bar, and Stella's Diner.

The New York State Fair takes place in Syracuse annually and is the oldest fair in the country. The fair hosts agriculture and livestock competitions, industrial exhibits, and International Horse Show and other events for the million people that attend the 10 day long attraction. There are more than 50 parks and outdoor areas in Syracuse that provide facilities for sports every season of the year.

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