The Benefit Of Using Fabric On Your Construction Site

The Benefit Of Using Fabric On Your Construction Site

From casinos and traveling concert series to aviation hangars and sports courts, many industries benefit from tension fabric structures to efficiently meet their building needs. Tension fabric structures offer the feasibility of a tent with the durability of a traditional building. There are a number of benefits of tension fabric structures that will help transform your next construction site. In fact, you may never return to traditional buildings for your structure needs.

Quick assembly.

Tension fabric structures are designed to meet building codes but are way faster to assemble. In fact, fabric structures can be built in less than half the time it takes to construct a traditional building. Assembly can take up to as little as three days. Additionally, the lightweight frame and limited foundation requirements make fabric structures more cost-effective.


Tension fabric structures aren’t like tents. Tents offer short-term solutions during optimal weather, but tension fabric structures offer the strength and longevity of a permanent building. Fabric structures are built to last through snowstorms and midsummer heat, allowing your construction project to continue no matter what the elements throw your way.  

Creates an airtight environment.

Fabric structures can be built with doors, lighting and HVAC systems to create the perfect working environment. The number of building design options combined with the tension fabric makes these structures more energy efficient than mental buildings as fabric structures tend to have four percent air leakage compared to ten to fifteen percent of traditional structures. The fabric structure allows you to control your environment in a quick and cost-effective way.

Provides a large, open space.

Construction sites will benefit from the large, column-free space of tension fabric structures. The wide-open space allows for uninterrupted projects. High ceilings and doorway arches allow for large machines to move about the space effortlessly. Additionally, the flexibility of the building design allows for project managers to adapt the structure as needed in a safe way.

Easy to transport.

Tension fabric structures are just as quick to disassemble as they are to assemble. They are also safer to disassemble and easier to transport to a new site than traditional buildings. Should the location of a project change, or if the crew simply needs to work on a new project somewhere else, the portable building can be moved without damaging the integrity or safety of the building.

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