The top large construction equipment

The top large construction equipment

Whether you’re starting to build your construction dream team or looking to expand, these are the pieces of large construction equipment you should be investing in. 


Excavators are one of the largest and versatile types of construction equipment available from landscaping, heavy lifting, demolition and cutting trees, this machine can do it all. 

Part of what makes excavators so versatile is that they can turn 360 degrees. It simplifies the job by being able to turn in a different location without having to move to different places. That’s why an excavator is one of the top pieces of construction equipment you need to have on your team. 


There is often a confusion between excavators and backhoes. They both are very important types of large construction equipment on every construction team. However, backhoes are a little different. 

Backhoes typically weigh 13,500 to 25,000 pounds depending on the type of model. They have one large arm that extends and is used to dig the earth. Unlike an excavator, a backhoe can only turn about 200 degrees. So when it is digging, it pulls the earth backward instead of forward. 


If you’re looking for equipment that will remove the top layer of soil, a bulldozer is what you need. A bulldozer has a blade that can push materials from one location to another. This type of equipment can typically weight between eight to 104 tons depending on the type. 

Bulldozers are ideal for any location. Steep slopes and rough terrains are no trouble for this heavy-duty equipment. They have a horsepower of 50 and 700. No job is too tough.


Graders are another type of large construction equipment that every construction owner should consider purchasing. This equipment has a horizontal blade on the front and back that is used to work the ground. It’s usually used in construction work areas to even out the ground. 

It’s a heavy duty piece of equipment that can come in handy in about every construction zone. You can use it to remove soil or snow from roads. Or, simply to lay an asphalt layer on the ground. 

Dragline excavator

A dragline excavator is a large piece of construction equipment for deeper excavations. It has a large bucket that the machine drags horizontally. This type of equipment is typically used in underwater excavations or removing sediment from the water. 


Can you guess what a trencher does? Believe it or not, but it creates trenches. This machine isusually used in creating drains, laying cables or pipelines. There are two available types of trenchers that you can purchase. 

The two types are a namely chain trencher and wheeled trenchers.  A chain trencher has a long arm that has a digging chain around it. The second type of trencher is a wheeled trencher.  This type has a large wheel with digging tooth around it. When it comes to choosing the correct type, you need to consider the soil. If the soil is too hard, you might want to use a wheeled trencher. 

Don’t over-complicate the job when there is large construction equipment that can make the job simpler. At Lyon Auction, we have a variety of construction equipment that is auctioned on our site. Check out our auction calendar to plan your next purchase.


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