Tips On Choosing The Right Size Of Excavator

Tips On Choosing The Right Size Of Excavator

Choosing the right size  excavator plays a huge role in the efficiency of any construction project. Choosing an excavator that is too small or too big can create issues that ultimately costs construction companies more time and money. You do not want to invest in an excavator until you are sure it’s going to be the right size and be able to feature the attachments you need to get your projects done quickly.

At Lyon & Son Auction, we understand that different construction companies need different types of equipment. That’s why we offer a variety of used heavy machinery at all of our construction equipment auctions all across the country. Below, we give somes tips to help you determine which size  excavator your company needs!

Know what work needs to be done

The first thing you should do before purchasing an excavator is to establish what jobs you will need it for. Are you removing tree stumps? Digging trenches? Demolishing a building? Different jobs require different engine powers, reach and attachment capabilities for your excavator, and knowing what you will be using it for prior to purchasing will ensure you that you’re making the right choice. 

Excavator size guide

Mini Excavators

Mini excavators definitely live up to their name. These small, compact excavators are designed for jobs that are hard to reach and don’t require much power. These machines are also very easy to transport. Mini excavators are most commonly used for drilling and backfilling, digging foundations and levelling ground!

Medium Excavators

Small to medium sized excavators make up the large percentage of excavators used for construction. If your job requires a little bit more power capacity, medium sized excavators are the perfect solution! Typically, medium sized excavators are used for landscaping,road and bridge projects, but are also great for material handling, trenching, demolition and digging! 

Large Excavators

Large sized excavators are the strongest and most powerful of all excavators. When your project requires great force, large excavators can get it done! However, these machines are less mobile compared to the other sizes, and require transportation and training in order to operate. Large excavators are perfect for big construction projects, leveling ground, big demolitions and long-reach digging projects!

Other things to consider

Bucket Size

When purchasing an excavator at a construction equipment auction, one thing to pay attention to is the bucket capacity. Bucket size will determine how much you can pick up and move at once, playing a great role in the efficiency of your machine. Typically, it’s a good idea to have a variety of bucket sizes available so you can adjust to any situation!

Reach Length

Another important factor to consider before purchasing an excavator is the reach length you will need out of your machine. Some jobs will require longer reach, especially in hard to reach areas. Typically the longer the reach, the more your machine will be able to do!


Cost is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing an excavator. Smaller excavators are usually less expensive than larger models, but don’t let that make your decision for you. Purchasing smaller excavators because they are cheaper can cost you more in the long run if you are not digging deep enough or getting projects done on time!


Lastly, it’s important to think about the attachments that you will be using with your excavator, and make sure that the machine you purchase has that attachment capability. For instance, if you know you’re going to be using a tree shear, you would probably want to buy a larger machine. There are so many attachments that allow you to use an excavator for much more than just digging, and knowing which attachments you will be using the most will help you make the right purchase!

Buying new heavy equipment is a big investment, which is why you should know exactly what you need before making a final purchase. Use these tips to make sure you are choosing the right type of excavator for your company!

Lyon & Son Auction provides many used construction equipment auctions all over the United States. With years of experience, we’ve helped many customers find the piece of equipment they need at an affordable price. To learn more about our company and to check out our upcoming auctions, visit our website today!


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