Tips To Stay Safe On The Job

Tips To Stay Safe On The Job

The weather is finally beginning to warm up in most parts of the country, which means spring is just around the corner. Spring opens up many new projects across the construction industry, and as you prepare to take more on over the next few months, now is the perfect time to review ways you and your team can stay safe while on the job. 

At Lyon Auction, we are a leader in the large construction equipment auction industry. We offer a variety of large construction equipment at each of our auction events for an affordable price to help you obtain the equipment you need. However, when operating heavy machinery, safety should be a top priority. Below, we go over some construction site safety tips to help your company stay safe this year. 

Create a risk management system

The first part of creating a safe work environment is by creating a risk management system. An effective risk management system will point out all potential hazards prior to starting a new job, so all of your employees understand the precautions they need to take. This helps ensure your workers know the risks within the job and ways to avoid becoming injured or damaging equipment. 

Make sure you are using the proper equipment for the job

It may seem obvious, but it’s so important that you are choosing the right equipment for the job. The wrong equipment can cause damage to the site, the equipment itself, and can be a hazard for employees within the equipment and surrounding it. Always avoid using equipment that is either too large or too small for the job you are doing. 

Before you start working, always make sure your equipment is working properly and is not damaged. It only takes one missing part to create a terrible accident. Always be sure to thoroughly inspect your tools and heavy equipment before each use to ensure the structure is sound and meets all requirements.

Be careful when climbing on and off equipment

Many workers are injured through falls when climbing on and off large construction equipment. You can lower the risk of such injuries by following these steps.

  • Check your boots for any slippery materials and wipe them off

  • Use a ladder to make sure you climb on equipment safely

  • Hold on to something before hoisting yourself up

Focus on effective communication

Lastly, communication is important in creating a safe working environment for any job, especially construction jobs. Accidents are more likely to occur when workers are unsure of what to expect. Direct communication will help all of your workers understand their job duties for the day, and will help prevent surprise accidents from happening. This means site supervisors need to be diligent in helping their workers and letting them know if they are ever using equipment incorrectly. 

As your company takes on more and more jobs this spring and summer, it’s important that you are doing what you can to keep your employees safe. Keep this safety guide in mind to help create safe job sites this year. 

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