Top Manufacturers Of Wheel Loaders

Top Manufacturers Of Wheel Loaders

Technology has advanced pretty much every business industry out there, including the construction industry. Today, large construction equipment is capable of doing many tasks quicker and easier for construction companies, allowing them to get more work done in less time. On top of that, these newer equipment models also come with innovative features, such as air conditioning and other features, that make it a lot more enjoyable for the operators to work in. However, when choosing a new piece of large construction equipment for your company, it’s important that you are choosing from a quality manufacturer. 

At Lyon Auction, we provide many construction companies and contractors the opportunity to buy heavy equipment at an affordable price. At our equipment auctions, we sell equipment of all types from all big name manufacturers. Below, we discuss the top manufacturers of wheel loaders to help you narrow down your equipment options!

Cat loaders

One of the most common manufacturers for wheel loaders, and for many other pieces of heavy equipment, is Cat company. Cat’s wheel loaders are reliable, productive, fuel efficient and have been used for many big named projects. These machines make loading, moving and handling materials much easier, faster and precise!

Hyundai loaders

Hyundai is a brand known for the reliability of their motor vehicles, and their heavy equipment is no different. Hyundai wheel loaders contain some of the newest and most advanced technology features, especially in their newer models. These loaders are comfortable for the operator, and will get your job done quickly and properly!

JCB loaders

JCB is one of the most up and coming brands in the construction equipment industry. Their equipment comes with comfortable cabs, and reliable performance. Although these machines are fairly basic in design, this British and family owned company makes some of the best wheel loaders out there. They are also ranked high on the charts for injury prevention

Volvo loaders

Volvo is another popular manufacturer when it comes to front wheel loaders. These loaders come with precise controls, and the ability to get projects done efficiently. These machines are also very versatile and are a great option if you work on many sites with tough terrain. 

Case loaders

Lastly, Case is a very popular brand when it comes to construction equipment. Their wheel loaders are compact, and are known for saving you time on the job site. These loaders bring together top quality engines, emissions, cooling and performance to deliver optimal efficiency while on the job site!

Although the manufacturer doesn't necessarily make a huge difference, each brand will offer different benefits in their machines than the others. If you are still unsure of what wheel loader manufacturer to go with, speak with an equipment or equipment auction professional and they can help you narrow down your options!

At Lyon Auction, we provide honest and quality equipment and help. Our goal is to provide you with the high quality used large construction equipment that you need. Visit our website to learn more about our equipment auctions and services!


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