Top Snow Equipment To Buy At An Auction

Top Snow Equipment To Buy At An Auction

Winter is finally here, and for the next few months, snow removal companies across the country will be busy with work! As winter weather puts a halt on some construction projects, snow removal projects help make up the difference! Being prepared with heavy snow equipment is a must!

At Lyon Auction, we provide heavy snow equipment and snow equipment attachments at all of our online equipment auctions. You will certainly find a quality used piece of equipment by shopping with us. Below, we go over the top heavy equipment and attachments for snow removal that you can buy at an auction. 


Skid steer loaders

Skid steers are great for snow removal projects as they are a very versatile type of equipment. Skid steers work with many types of attachments, so you can get your job done no matter the amount of snowfall! It’s important, however, that you are choosing a model that has rubber tires rather than tracks. Tires tend to handle icy conditions much better than tracks, helping you save time while working! Lastly, skid steers are small enough to clear off walking paths and big enough to handle bigger workloads as well. 

Utility trucks

If you handle a lot of the bigger snow removal projects in your city, then a utility truck might be exactly what you need. Utility trucks are great at removing snow on unpaved areas, or just bigger areas in general, such as parking lots. Utility trucks can also be used for a variety of other construction needs throughout the year, as they can work with many different attachments.  

Mini track loaders

Lastly, it’s quite useful to have a mini track loader on hand when working with limited space. Mini track loaders are small in size but powerful enough to move snow out of the way, making it the perfect option for sidewalks and narrow pathways. You will never use a snow blower again after purchasing a mini track loader from an online equipment auction!


Snow buckets

Snow buckets, most commonly used on skid steers, are a great way to move snow from one place to another. Whether you are loading snow onto trucks or pouring ice melt across the parking lot, snow buckets work great! One thing to keep in mind, snow buckets work best on level ground and are not the best for tight spaces. 

Snow pushers

Snow pushers are ideal for clearing out a large area of heavy snowfall. Basically, a snow pusher attaches to your loader or utility vehicle, and pushes the snow across the ground. This is a must-have attachment for snow removal projects on parking lots, as it makes your job much easier. 

Snow blowers

Lastly, snow blower attachments are great at removing snow as well. A snow blower attachment is essentially a snow blower that you hook up to whatever you are operating. These are usually much bigger and powerful than ordinary residential snow blowers, and can help reduce the time it takes to get your jobs done. 

As winter moves in, it’s important that all companies have the right equipment and attachments. If you are still in need of some snow removal equipment for the upcoming winter season, be sure to check out our online equipment auctions on our website!


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