Traditional Vs. Modern Auctions

Traditional Vs. Modern Auctions

Do you consider yourself a traditional person or a modern one? Maybe you follow traditions and have adapted into modern ways. This is similar to auctions, traditionally you go to a location and look for what you want and bid for the best price. A modern way to do this is online, it's the same principle just at a more convenient location for you; your home. 

It’s time, you have been holding out as long as you can but you really need new heavy equipment. Not sure which option for shopping is best for you? Keep reading to find out which type of auction is best for you. 

Traditional Auctions 

Are you the type of person who likes to touch and see before you buy? Do you enjoy driving and experiencing the culture of an auction? This is a good idea if you are looking for heavy equipment because you can test drive the equipment before buying. You can also check out the equipment to make sure it runs properly. If you know a trustworthy mechanic, you can bring them along and have them check out the machinery. 

Another thing to note about traditional auctions is that it’s often quicker. If you are looking to buy something right away, this is a good idea. You can close the sale in one day! It also gives you the opportunity to talk face to face with the seller. You can talk to them, get to know them and learn how they cared for their heavy equipment! Nobody wants to buy faulty equipment. 

Modern Auctions

Life is busy, you work, have a family and try to make time for yourself. This a good reason you might want to look into online equipment auctions! The whole process is done at your convenience, whether it be at your home or during your breaks at work. Items are usually on the site until it has been sold! You won’t waste hours sitting there, you can place a bid and walk away to continue working. Just be sure to set your notifications, in the event someone outbids you, a notification will be sent to your smartphone! If you rely on a smart watch it can also appear there as well! 

If you are using online equipment auctions you will also have access to more equipment because there are people selling from all over the United States or world! This can also take away any fear you might have from a live auction, get used to auction culture before diving straight in!

 All auction companies require maintenance records so a potential buyer will know what kind of maintenance has been done in the past. Remember to ask for this when looking for the right heavy equipment for you. If this is unable to be provided, be sure to speak with the seller and ask about it! 

If you still aren’t sure if a traditional or modern auction is best for you, you can start by looking at any fees associated! If you are considering online equipment auctions, know that you are responsible for all the shipping and handling fees. Think about how you will be transferring your heavy equipment after it’s been bought! 

Here at Lyon Auction we make it convenient for sellers and buyers! We help you from start to finish to ensure a smooth sale all around. If you have any questions, contact us today! 


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