Upcoming Auctions

Upcoming Auctions

The holidays are right around the corner! Make sure to visit Alex Lyon & Sons Auctions for used equipment for sale! You might be able to find the perfect gift for you, or your business! This year has been flying by, it’s hard to believe that we are only three months away from 2020. 

This is one of the craziest times of year; holiday season, kids also have time off from school and countless winter events! The holiday season is known to do some damage to your wallet, you are buying extra food, presents, or maybe planning a holiday getaway. 

With your money going everywhere this season, I’m sure you are looking to save a few bucks here and there. Take a look at our auction calendar and start mapping out which one best fits your schedule! 

Clear your calendars for Friday, Oct. 4 we’ll be in Methuen, Mass for a retirement sale! The used equipment for sale is: eight hydraulic excavators, carry deck crane, robotic arms, crawler tractor and more! Here is a list of a few brands we’ll have: Cat, Volvo, Komatsu, Hitachi, Chevy and much more. If you are not able to come to this event check us our online! Be sure to sign up. 

We’ll be staying in the state of Mass.,on Saturday, Oct. 5 we will be in Brockton, Mass for a construction and snow equipment auction! This equipment has  completed a few large jobs, and corporate chose to get rid of the used equipment. The used equipment for sale is in the best shape and there will be no consignments! 

Our next stop is Parkersburg, W. Va., we will be there on Thursday, Oct. 10. This will be a retirement auction, there will be construction and rental fleet available for you. The equipment is coming from Smith Excavating, after 30 years of business they have chosen to move on and all their equipment must be sold. 

The day after, we will be heading to Wilkes-Barre, Pa. The reason these items are being sold is because they have been completed jobs throughout the state of Pennsylvania. The items being sold are no longer needed. Also, all of the Cat machines for sale have a five year warranty. A few things you can expect are: Late Model Cat Rubber Tired Loaders, Excavators, Skid Steers and Telescopic Forklifts. Be sure to come by and check out the rest of the equipment we have! 

Hello Windy City! Catch us there on Saturday, Oct. 12. Perfect timing, right before the snow hits! Come visit us for the snow equipment auction. We will have salt/sander trucks, skid steers, hydraulic excavators, and much more! Everything in this sale has low usage and miles that is perfect for anyone looking for snow fighting equipment! 

That is our lineup for the first half of Oct. If you want more information be sure to check in on our website. If you are interested in something but are not able to get to the location, sign up for our online bidding! 

There’s no place like Lyon Auction, all the equipment is in one location. Companies can liquidate a large amount of vehicles in one single auctions. Lyon Auction works with you to ensure that your process is head-ache free! We are listening to you, contact us if you have any questions.


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