Upcoming Spring 2021 Auctions

Upcoming Spring 2021 Auctions

As the temperatures continue to rise across the country, more and more construction projects will be beginning soon. If you have yet to get all of the equipment needed for your project, or if you are just looking to add some new heavy equipment to your inventory, you’re in luck! Alex Lyon & Son Auction has many different equipment auctions coming up, including one of our biggest heavy equipment auctions Houston, TX

All of our upcoming auctions are offered both virtually and onsite. As we continue through this pandemic, we are asking everyone who is attending an in-person auction to wear a mask and follow proper CDC guidelines. Below, we have detailed some of our upcoming events!

Houston, Texas

Our first heavy equipment auctions Houston, TX will begin on Wednesday, March 24th at 10:00 am CT. Here, we will be auctioning off rental returns, inducing Late Model Cat, Komatsu, John Deere construction equipment, aerials, forklifts, trucks, trailers and more!

San Angelo, Texas

On Thursday, March 25th, we will be holding our San Angelo, TX auction. This auction is scheduled to begin at 10:00 am CT and will include 21 telescopic forklifts, hydraulic excavators, trench rollers, tractor loader backhoes and more!

Bridgeport, New York

This timed auction will open on Wednesday, March 24th at 8:00 am EST and will close on Saturday, March 27th at 11:00 am EST. Some of the equipment we will be auctioning off includes: five hydraulic excavators, four rubber tired loaders, 11 forklifts and much more!

Hauppauge, New York

On Tuesday, March 30th, we will be holding our Hauppauge, NY auction onsite and virtual live auction that will begin at 9:30 am EST. This auction includes very late model snow and construction equipment, including: five rubber tired loaders, 20 rubber tracked skid steers, a rough terrain crane, crane accessories, snow equipment and more!

Knoxville, Tennessee

On Wednesday, March 31st, we will be holding our Knoxville, TN onsite and virtual live auction. This auction will begin at 9:30 am EST, and will include: eight articulated haul trucks, 21 hydraulic excavators, eight crawler tractors, two crawler dumps and much more!

Watertown, New York

On Thursday, April 1st, we will be holding out Watertown, NY onsite and virtual live auction. This auction will begin at 9:30 am EST, and will include very large premier farm and construction equipment, including: two combines, three agricultural tractors, two grain elevators, a John Deere hydraulic excavator and much, much more!

As we head into spring, now is the perfect time to purchase used equipment for you and your company! With upcoming heavy equipment auctions in Houston, TX, and all over the country, you can purchase the heavy equipment you need! 

At Lyon Auction, we offer many different heavy equipment auctions all over the country to give you the opportunity to save money and purchase quality used heavy equipment. If you can’t make any of the auctions detailed above, check out our auction calendar to find a time and place that works for you!


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