What spring equipment do you need for planting?

What spring equipment do you need for planting?

Ahhh spring has sprung! How is your spring planting going? If you have realized that you need new equipment, you can start by checking out online equipment auctions. There are so many different heavy equipment brands and equipment to choose from. 

Different tractors 

In agriculture, there are four main tractors used. There is an orchard tractor, compact utility tractor, utility tractors and row crop tractors. 

Orchard tractors are compact and easy to maneuver into small and tight spaces. They are used in orchards and vineyards. The tractors move up and down to make fruit picking easier and more accessible for the different ranges of branch heights.  

If you have a hobby farm or looking for a tractor for small projects, a compact utility tractor is the best option. 

A utility tractor is perfect equipment for all needs on your farm! It can be used for plowing, towing, disking, planting and pushing large equipment. 

The row crop tractor is best for your crops and has taller tires with adjustable treads. They can also be used for pulling seeds, leveling, harrowing and weed control. 

What to think about when choosing a tractor

There are plenty of heavy equipment brands to choose from, and choosing the right one can make all the difference in your farming. You should think about how much horsepower you want, and if you want a manual or standard engine with  two or four-wheel drive. 

The first thing you should do is determine what you will be using this heavy equipment for. Do you want a tractor to lift and dig? If you do it means that you should look into a front-end loader. 

Another thing to think about is, will you be farming during the night or early morning? If so, you need to look for heavy equipment with headlights

Do you know the difference between a two or four-wheel drive? A four-wheel drive is excellent for muddy or slippery conditions because of the extra traction. It is also good for heavier loads. 

When comparing prices, the four-wheel is the more expensive option. The two-wheel is the perfect option for your small garden or farm. Some heavy equipment brands have tractors that have the ability to switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive

Where to buy a tractor? 

A good place to shop for heavy equipment is an auction! There are many benefits- they will have a wide variety of heavy equipment brands and you can compare and contrast to determine which brand is perfect for you. 

Another benefit is that you will get the maintenance history. You will know if the equipment has been heavily used or rarely used, along with how well it was maintained by the past owners. 

It’s no secret that heavy equipment is expensive and buying from an auction can help you save money. Auctions have high-quality equipment for a lower price. There are also financing options available.

 The most important thing about buying from an auction is doing research to make sure you are getting the exact equipment you want for a cheaper price. 

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