What’s the best heavy equipment for the job?

What’s the best heavy equipment for the job?

For each new project, you need the right equipment to complete the job. You’ll want to stick to your budget and ensure that the equipment you have will meet your goals. Each piece of equipment has a different purpose. A skid steer is good for digging and demolition, whereas a wheel loader is good for pushing and moving.

Before each construction job, you need to identify what heavy machinery you need, especially if you need a new piece of large construction equipment and are planning to purchase one from an auction such as Lyon Auction. This guide will help you choose the best equipment for your upcoming project!

Things to consider

It can be difficult to know you’re making the right decision, but considering these things might help you.

Cost and scope of the project

You’ll need to consider the overall cost of the upcoming project. Each new machine you acquire adds to your bottom line cost. Fuel, other construction materials, employee pay, maintenance of equipment and transportation of equipment are other aspects of the project that will need funds allocated towards them.

Job site conditions

Be in the know of what the weather will be, where you’ll be working, what the terrain looks like and what type of work you’re planning to do with the equipment. Think about the obstacles you may encounter that could delay your deadline and plan accordingly so you can stay on track.

What’s available

There has been a shortage of new large construction equipment and high demand for second-hand heavy equipment, so buying used may be best. It’ll cost you much less, as well. Consider what spare parts are available because you want to be prepared for anything that could happen while working on the job.

How it suits the job

A machine that is versatile, adaptable and has several attachments will get you the most bang for your buck. Consider how each piece of equipment will suit the job. What size of machinery do you need? What available attachments are there? Versatility is key here; figure out what machine you can get with the most attachments to save you money and complete the task.

Training and certification

There are several hazards of working around heavy equipment. Taking the right precautions and properly training your employees will ensure safety. It’s necessary that your employees have adequate training and wear safety goggles, helmets and visible colors.

Equipment and its purpose

To ensure you find the best equipment, it's important to know the most common pieces and what they’re used for. Excavators are used for digging holes and trenches, cranes are used for lifting and moving heavy objects and dump trucks are used to move large amounts of materials. Backhoes have the most amount of attachments including buckets, compactors, hammers, snowplows and street sweepers.

Find the large construction equipment you need at one of our auctions

If you’re ready to purchase equipment for your upcoming project, be sure to attend one of our online or in-person auctions. Take a look at our auction calendar to see when we’ll be near you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, as well. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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