Where to buy equipment for construction projects?

Where to buy equipment for construction projects?

Big projects call for big machines. When you have to do some serious lifting or digging, it's time to get serious about your equipment. Investing in your heavy machinery is a great place to start, but you don't have to buy your equipment brand new. 

Shopping at an auction can help you save money on quality equipment, one of the first things you should do is Google equipment auctions near me. There is a wide variety of high-quality, large equipment that can be bought at equipment auctions, some of which are even online. Here's why you should consider using heavy equipment auctions to address your construction needs.

Value for money

Auctioned equipment is usually much less expensive than a brand new piece, but can be just as effective. You are also likely to have more control over what you spend, as auctions enable you to haggle the price. At an auction, there will also be more variety of different brands. Make sure to do your research on the heavy equipment that you require and how much you're willing to spend so that you don't go over budget for a product that does not meet your requirements.

Buying from an auction saves you money. The moment you buy your heavy equipment and it leaves the lot, the overall value depreciates 20 to 40 percent of what you originally bought it for. Buying used equipment does not have the same depreciation level. In total you will save money when purchasing the equipment and on insurance. 

They have guaranteed inspection reports and possible warranties

The certification of inspection can provide you with peace of mind knowing you have purchased a reliable machine. Should you encounter any issues, you may be able to contact its previous owner for compensation or to arrange a replacement. Some of the heavy machinery that's for sale will have warranties as well, providing further validation of its quality.

Some auctions offer financing through their own companies

If you need financing, many auctions offer this service to make buying heavy equipment more attainable. Make sure to check with the auction if they provide this service prior to purchase.

Remember to not fall for any common financing myths! One myth is that leasing is appropriate for certain assets. Another common myth is that you can’t upgrade equipment if you are financing. With financing, you can upgrade your equipment and pay the same price! 

One of the most beneficial reasons to finance is that it is possible to receive 100 percent of the capital needed to buy the equipment. This happens over time but is a great idea for smaller companies who can not afford to buy the equipment outright. 

It doesn't have to be a struggle to find equipment auctions near me. Alex Lyon & Son have many locations all across the United States. If you are serious about your equipment and your project, then consider visiting a nearby auction to establish the options that are available to you.


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