Where to sell your heavy machinery?

Where to sell your heavy machinery?

We are now a few weeks away from 2020, what are your plans for this upcoming decade? Do you have machinery that no longer gets used? There are options for you to give your machines a new home where they will be used! 

Options for selling machinery

The use of technology has grown tremendously and shows no signs of shutting down! You can now sell your heavy equipment online! The first steps are easy, all you have to do is take a picture and post it online. Also, you should add a description of the condition, how long have you had it or anything that a potential buyer should know! 

Some negatives of just posting online are; people who are looking for heavy equipment won’t look on social media sites as their first option. It is a large investment, and because of this they are looking to buy from trusted sellers. 

Another option is tag sales, you’ve seen signs that say, “going out of business sale.” Typically these sales are not well planned and take a lot of hard work and resources. 

Equipment dealers are another option if you are looking to sell your items. If you are a business owner looking to sell a large amount of equipment at once, going this route can be a challenge for you. 

Do you know where is the best place to sell your heavy equipment? The answer is simple,  machinery auctions! They are auctions that are specialized in selling heavy equipment! This option will help you get the best prices and you will  see the most profit! 

Machinery auctions have the best marketing strategy to get your equipment seen by potential buyers! At auctions, buyers come in knowing they want to buy something of high quality and its  their first place they look at when checking out equipment. 

Why should you sell to an auction? 

There are plenty of benefits to selling your machinery to an auction. 

  • Multiple bidders for your products 

  • This scene creates a quick turnaround for both buyers and sellers

  • All companies/ people involved are treated fairly 

  • When you sell to machinery auction, the sale is “as-is”

  • Once the item is sold, there is no wait period 

  • Seller can set terms and conditions before selling items 

What to know if you are a buyer or seller 

The main attraction for selliers is that an auction can get your item sold immediately and is essentially hassle free. If you are a seller, the first thing you should do is research your heavy equipment. Learn the cost, value and worth. Set prices that you won’t go below, if you want no less that $200 then be firm with this price! Another thing to note as a seller is to make sure that your equipment is clean and presentable. 

If you are a buyer at the auction, you should also do research to prevent overpaying for any equipment. Buyers should also check out the equipment rather than buying it right away. It is  important to know that the machine is still in top condition! 

Buyers and sellers should both network! You never know what the future entails, so make friends with others! If you do not think you need equipment in your future, this connection can be a source for you to get any advice in the industry. 

An auction is known to have lower prices than buying brand new, but it can still get pricey. If you find something you like, be sure to ask the auction about their financing options

Lyon Auctions is known to liquidate a large fleet of vehicles in a single auction! We help well-known companies from the beginning to the end, which makes this process stress-free for both sellers and buyers. Contact us today to learn more! 


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