Why buy used large equipment

Why buy used large equipment

There are several advantages to buying used heavy equipment and trucks. While shiny, new equipment has a definite “wow” factor to it, all the bells and whistles aren’t always necessary.

As a large equipment auction business, we see a range of quality equipment out there. All the while, the vast majority of large equipment on our auction sites are in great condition!

Lower cost

It’s no mystery. Purchasing new heavy equipment in the construction, farm, and transportation business can put your business in a sinkhole of debt. Often times, the cost of one new piece of large equipment equates the cost of two used pieces that are like-new.


Moreover, once a new piece of equipment leaves its sales lot, it depreciates in value. Sometimes as much as 20-40 percent within the first 12 months. When purchasing used equipment, you avoid that initial depreciation.

Well-maintained equipment can hold a significant value despite its initial depreciation value. By sticking to a routine maintenance schedule accompanied by service and repair documents, you have the possibility to resell equipment for nearly what you previously purchased it for.


There is a massive global market in the used large equipment industry. Such a market offers a variety of choices in equipment offered at any given time, making the ability to search for equipment beyond your local market easy. Auctions provided by Alex Lyon & Son throughout the year are vast, offering a plethora of used-buying opportunities.


There is less buyers-remorse when buying used large equipment for your business. Many times, contracted construction jobs require specific equipment that a business might not need on a regular basis. By purchasing used equipment for these specific jobs, a business avoids leased machinery, and maintains the ability to resell for a great cost.

Additionally, purchasing new equipment means long wait times from the initial investment to delivery time. With used equipments, pieces can go straight to work, avoiding downtime.

Whether you’re in the market for large farm equipment, construction, or transportation equipment, purchasing from an auction is an excellent option.

At Alex Lyon & Son, we are committed to quality and developing auctions that address the needs of our clients and potential buyers.

If have questions regarding the purchase of used equipment through an auction, send us a message!


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