Why dump trucks are essential to construction

Why dump trucks are essential to construction

Whether it be landscaping, mining or construction on a road, bridge or house, a dump truck is essential to getting the job done efficiently and on time. It’s hard to imagine working in construction without a dump truck. A machine that your fleet must have is a dump truck, and if you’re looking to add to your fleet, we’ve got you covered with our equipment auctions. Here are some reasons why dump trucks are essential to construction!

They’re the safest for transporting large loads

Dump trucks have large beds that can carry a variety of different construction materials. You can haul anything from gravel, dirt and sand to cement and anything else you need to transport. They’re the best machines for moving loose materials from one site to another. Some models have a protective cover that goes over the load to ensure everything stays in the truck.

They have lots of power

Dump trucks can handle more weight than your standard pickup truck and other machines. Dump truck chassis are made from reinforced steel, making them able to work under tough conditions. Most are powered by a large diesel engine and have a hydraulically operated dump bed. This makes unloading quicker and easier than other truck types.

They increase your team’s productivity

A productive team is a team that can meet deadlines. Some dump truck models feature backup cameras, tow hooks, underbody boxes, coal chutes and tarps, giving you what you need to get the job done. Compact dump trucks meet the capacity requirements for driving in the city and are able to maneuver well. Large-capacity dump trucks consist of super dump trucks, transfer trucks, pump trucks and semi trailer dump trucks, all designed to get the most demanding jobs done.

They’re especially important in the mining industry

Many mining companies use dump trucks to aid in their projects. They can get rid of waste or get the mined valuables from one place to another. They’re also capable of navigating mines and terrains, like the ones in Asia and the Middle East. The mining industry has used these trucks to transport equipment and other materials that help with the shifting of goods and other recycling purposes. These trucks can withstand the materials employed in mining, as well as landscaping.

Check out Lyon Auction’s equipment auctions

Many of our equipment auctions have dump trucks, including side and back dump beds. If you’re looking for a way to increase your team’s productivity, and a machine with lots of stamina that can transport large amounts of construction material, try purchasing from an auction. Buying secondhand saves you money and still gets you the quality equipment you need to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming auctions!


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