Why Millennials and Generation Z Should Join the Construction Industry

Why Millennials and Generation Z Should Join the Construction Industry

When you were little, being asked what you wanted to be when you grew up was exciting. It seemed like the possibilities were endless. You could answer whatever you wanted to and be met with a positive, reinforcing response.

Yet as you get older, the consequences of your response starts to linger. You want to find a job you will enjoy. A job you are good at. A job that will pay your bills and still leave you with a little extra for your savings account and nights out with friends. It is overwhelming, to say the least.

For younger generations, they don’t always know where to turn. They want a career that matches their skill set, but they don’t want to be bored. Here are six reasons why Millenials and Gen Z-ers should join the construction industry.

Younger generations bring a competitive technology edge to the field.

As true digital natives, Generation Z grew up surrounded by technology. Their ability to seamlessly switch between platforms and quickly learn new software will help them adapt and move forward in an industry that is constantly changing.

The construction industry offers a unique form of continuing education.

Whether you are a high school student who does not feel called to attend college or a college graduate who doesn’t want a master’s degree but still has more to learn, the construction industry offers a number of entry programs and educational opportunities. From four-week industry introduction courses to software classes, there are a number of opportunities to prepare and educate yourself to gain a competitive edge in the field.

The industry is growing.

According to Sokanu, the construction industry in the United States is projected to grow by 12.4% over the next ten years, meaning that the industry will be looking to employ an additional 150,400 workers.

This is no 9-5 office job.

Millennials and Gen Z-ers are sometimes criticized for not wanting to work a job where they are required to sit at their desk for 40+ hours a week, but honestly, we can’t blame them. If you don’t want to be stuck in an office building wasting your time away, then this is the industry for you.  

Contrary to myths, it isn’t a minimum wage job.

Minimum wage in the United States varies depending on the state, from $5.15 in Wyoming to $13.25 in Washington DC. Yet contrary to popular belief, the conception that construction is a minimum wage job is false. The average construction worker earns an hourly wage of $15.36 and can go up to $24.69 per hour.  

You are building our future.

There is nothing more rewarding than being part of a project that will shape the world for years to come. Whether you are working on a young family’s new home or a skyscraper downtown, a job in the construction industry means that you are impacting history. Every project you work on is meaningful and impacts the lives of many. As a construction worker, you quite literally build the future.

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