Winter Safety Tips

Winter Safety Tips

As we start this new year, there is still plenty of winter left to come. Working outside during the winter months can be challenging, especially when working with large construction equipment. Here are some winter safety tips for the remainder of the winter season!

Safety tips when using heavy equipment:

  1. Use winter fuel grade; most equipment is filled with specific diesel fuel that can harden if it gets too cold

  2. Use the correct engine oil for the winter. Oil flows smoothly in warm temperatures, so be sure that your oil can withstand the winter cold

  3. Make sure that batteries are kept at room temperature. 

  4. Double check the traction of your tires. You want to make sure that your traction is good to avoid any risks while on the job.

  5. Stay visible. Dark, foggy, and snowy conditions can be dangerous, so it’s good to make sure you are seen by wearing bright colors.

  6. Stay warm by wearing layers and appropriate winter gear. 

When operating large construction equipment this winter, it’s very important that you are being mindful and staying safe. You should be doing things like making sure your route is clear, slowing down, and being especially careful on ramps and bridges. You should also try to avoid touching cold metal surfaces with your bare hands, as there is a chance your skin can become injured. 

Winterize your equipment

This means to make sure all of your heavy equipment is properly prepared for the snow and cold weather. The first thing you should always do is inspect your equipment. If you find any cracks, leaks, or flaws, it’s important to get them fixed immediately. Always inspect certain parts before and after every run-in with cold weather! 

Another thing you should always do during the winter is to provide your equipment with a safe, enclosed storage place. This will help keep your equipment in the best possible condition, as well as prevent any issues from arising. You should also consider using block heaters to fire up your engines. Block heaters are used to increase the temperature of your engine and hydraulic fluid. This will help you speed up the warm-up process, and 

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