Winter safety tips

Winter safety tips

Along with caring for your heavy machinery in the cold, operators need to take extra precautions in the winter months to ensure all-around safety. If you’ll be operating large construction equipment this winter, it’s important to know what safety measures to take. You may notice your equipment acting a bit differently in the colder months, and being prepared for potential risks will help you mitigate them if they do arise.

Lyon Auction wants our customers to operate safely this winter. Below are some winter safety tips!

Protect your skin from the cold

Dressing for the weather is of utmost importance. Dressing in layers is a good idea so you can be comfortable all day long. It’s better to have more than you need rather than not enough, and you can always take things off. Metal becomes cold in the winter, so don’t touch it with bare hands. Metal of that cold temperature can cause burns and tears on bare skin.

Use caution on steps

Steps and grip plates can become dangerously slick in the winter, especially if ice or snow is present. Take the extra time to enter and exit your machine’s cab safely. Know that if your machine is icy, the roads are more than likely ice as well, so drive with caution.

Be on the lookout for poor traction

Along with causing slips and falls, icy surfaces also contribute to poor traction. Drive slowly, especially when driving on bridges and ramps, as they will be even slicker. Know what to do if your machine does begin to spin out, and do your best to keep yourself safe.

Verify your routes

Know where you are going and how you’re getting there before you go. Also, plan for an alternate route just in case. Make sure your bosses and coworkers know where you’re going so that, if something goes wrong, they’re able to find you. Do your best to follow traffic lanes while driving to avoid slipping into a ditch.

Work when it’s brighter out

Days are shorter in the winter. Seeing is a huge part of safety as you need to see to be sure you’re operating your equipment correctly. Consider bringing a light generator or a bank of lights to the job site to ensure everyone can see what they’re working on.

Always clear windows

Frost and condensation will build up on your windshield, so be sure you have new or good wipers in place. Pause working if your windows are not clearing. You may need to hop out of the cab and brush or scrape some of the snow or ice off so you can see better and resume working.

Stay hydrated and take breaks

Your machinery needs fluids and breaks, and so do you! Even though it’s cold out, you will still need to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, getting a headache or chapped lips. If you start feeling dizzy, stop working and come back to it once you regain your balance. Because of the cold, your body will be working harder than normal, so breaks are necessary. Try drinking a warm beverage on your break to stay hydrated and warm on the job.

Take care of yourself and your large construction equipment

Turn to your large construction equipment experts when needed. We want to help you be prepared for the cold, so you’re able to keep working and stay healthy for the next couple of months while the winter lasts. If you have any questions or concerns about your machinery, or if you’re looking for snow equipment this winter, contact us!


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