Alex Lyon & Son Sales Managers and Auctioneers, Inc. has several partners to help with our construction equipment financing.  Alex Lyon & Son is pleased to be working with our financing partners: Smart Business Credit, Patriot Financial LLC, Streamline Financial Services and Oakmont Capital Services. 

Smart Business Credit is one of the most experienced equipment leasing and finance companies in the industry, to provide financing for our customers. Small Business Credit works with both small and medium sized business to help obtain financing for equipment purchases that are required for the growth of their businesses. 

Streamline Financial Services is a nationally recognized financial company serving our clients' financing needs. Whether you need to get new equipment, finance your accounts receivable and inventory, raise working capital, or acquire a company, Streamline Financial can do it all.

Patriot Financial LLC works to help businesses purchase or lease the needed heavy equipment for their business. Patriot has many construction equipment financing options available.