Back in 1950, an entrepreneur by the name of Alex Lyon purchased a farm and property in Bridgeport, New York. There he established the "Alex Lyon Livestock" company. This company primarily handled private treaty negotiations of cattle and farm  machinery. Occasionally there was use of public auction. In the years to follow, the livestock business became one of the largest in New York State. Its reputation for quality and respectability grew right along with its sales volume. Customers began to know Lyon's as a company they could trust, and one that would treat them fairly.

As the company was growing, Alex's son, Jack, was in the wings always anxious to get involved. According to his father, Jack looked and listened carefully and was never short of ambition.

In 1973, Jack graduated from four years at the University of Cincinnati, with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Following this experience, Jack became more active in the auction business. The operation then began diversifying in the types of auctions they conducted. A major construction company was one of the first to sign an agreement with Jack, allowing Lyon's to manage their upcoming auction. After the success of this auction, one sale led to another. Alex and his son were on their way to becoming a nationally known auction company. In those early days, Alex could have only dreamed of what his company might be like one day. But on that day in 1950 the first seed was planted. From there the roots began to grow and take a firm hold, to form the foundation for what is now "Alex Lyon & Son Sales Managers and Auctioneers, Inc." Their corporate  philosophy throughout the years has been "if you need us, we'll be there."

Today, this family-owned operation, still located in Bridgeport, New York, has become a success worldwide. Lyons' now conducts construction equipment auctions throughout the United States and has customers from New York to California. Their customers even come from other countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Israel and the continent of Africa.